Twist me not

Abided by the enraging tide

I quietly slept on the smoky side

The red comrades have gone atop

Giving out their silly slop

All those felons to fill their stream

Have built foundations and killed the dream

Their own presumption has long gone wrong

Caught in the fake idle uniform

Allegiance the ruler sways

Yes Sir, the minion obeys

Compliance claims the rotten vile

Dogmas spread through wit and wile

As law’s anything but free ‘n’ streaky

We’re dealt a world too freak ‘n’ creaky

Ideology and politics

Be drowned to hell, I’ll get my kicks

Well I reject all mainstream thought

To the sick dome, I vow my naught

My temper, sure, I will not lose

Over their ludicrous mores and views

The sun realm has fallen to bits

And the starlit sky decays and splits

Their hymns ‘n’ anthems are singing death

The unborn will get no sight and breath

Lewd ancestors raped our peace

Gofers comply with their caprice

The monster’s head, mad hands unveil

Seals on fire, fight tooth ‘n’ nail

All queens and kings are tarts and drips

Ride the grey mare and kiss her hips

Creeds and priests get us all checked

We’re walking blind and rather wrecked

Wild bears grumble while sharks scoff

To the night cloak the levy pay off

Oh polite masters of all slavery

The loyal moles put up with bravery

Morals concede to this rock insane

Common weal ‘n’ folks on the wane

The river runs ‘n’ dies at the firth

The being in us still longs for birth

Let me tell you and calmly compose

Any violence I definitely oppose

The human is all I’ve ever sought

Clear off my way and twist me not

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