The Ballad of the Dominated


You were told there is a dream

Of fine hopes and tasty cream

But when you fall deeply asleep

That’s when fear begins to creep

Into your mind so frail and weak

One new day, quite hard and bleak

Will make you sweat like a wild beast

Happy are those who rule and feast.


What remains when you are worn-out

It’s but the sign of your human rout

To the crushing social power

You pay a toll that’s holy and sour

So, don’t ask why you’re alone

You’re not worth more than a stone

They’ll throw you away and make you crawl

Still for some time you’re going to brawl


Take a breath and check the Bard

Worried, yeah, but he dealt some card

Handy-dandy, where you gonna turn

There are roads that strike and burn

Who’s the justice, who’s the thief

One has failed, one is the chief

Long live the holy, godly boss

There ain’t no goal for you to cross


Raised is the blade of Common Good

To get you stuck into the wood

No Man is born while the King

Owns the throne and makes you sing

Its Majesty is all inclusive

Don’t even dare be abusive

As to the saints was made Heaven

You’re not welcomed at floor Seven


One more turn, and one more round

Now you are worked into the ground

There is nothing you can control

Your soul is seized, just let it roll

Indecency fills up your needs

But they’re unseen, they don’t exist

Mud is where the broke belong

Stay away, don’t grieve the strong


For the sake of Motherland

You must walk hand in hand

Cannon fodder It wants a lot

Long live those who’re deadly shot

The Leviathan stays and stares

It decides and names its heirs

You riffraff to drag are doomed

You’re too spoilt, you ain’t groomed


Power’s liturgy is prose

It uses words that are not yours

Sacred rites and arcane brews

The more you try the more you lose

The frame has gotten into the base

It makes you wild and fall from grace

The fact is brother to the con

You’re lost at sea but must go on


What’s the Thing and what’s its name

It always wins, It’s never lame

For trickeries It’s in the mood

The next is you will hunt for food

This long & soggy train of days

They never beam and never blaze

Into the pond you swim and sink

All you can pick is rinky-dink


Call it the Thing, call it Disgrace

It is the Lord of all the space

Pushing It back unto the ages

Will make you write brand new pages

Plenty will flow, and Bliss for all

You may reinvent your rock and roll

Still consciousness is yet to come

Until that day must try and hum


Sometimes you stop and take a look

The catch is there, ready’s the hook

Don’t lag behind the things you see

Go upstream, don’t bend your knee

When time has come to take the plunge

They’ll be at you to make a lunge

‘More sacrifice’, you’ll hear them yell

Throw ‘em all out, send them to hell


I am Capital the raster

I am your king and master

I’m on the hunt for fun

I will never let you run

The things you find out there

Are just a vicious ugly snare

I bend the whole damn world

‘Cos I am your God and Lord

Capital’s my name

The Thing you cannot tame

No matter how hard you try

In my hands you’re gonna die

There’s nothing I can’t change

All you fools I make derange

You vile support my rule

I own your mind, you’re but my stool.

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