Unless you are among those who are unable to recognize that democracy and dictatorship are but two faces of the same dominion, and although the first allows you to choose the cudgel with which you are beaten, and the latter rams it down your throat, neither of them will ever acknowledge your human needs, because power is not acquainted with humanity.

Unless you are an enthusiastic patriot willing to be hanged from the robust tree that your country offers you in the name of new marketplaces and new resources to plunder.

Unless you are like those whom fail to realize that history is written by the victors, and that the force of necessity always knows how to find the right man in the right place at the right time, and put in their hands any tool to commit any atrocity.

Unless you are mistaken by holding prosperity as a given when the government does not meddle in business, and you have never understood that there can be no rights without paying dues. Or differently you are those who sustain that the government must manage it all, and you have never thought to question that no rule or regulation will ever keep profit from extorting and destroying lives and resources.

Unless you are among those who partition people into good and bad, countries into righteous and rogues, and clamor for law and order, without comprehending that law and order are the bonds that the victors impose and subject on the conquered and from which all violence springs and spreads.

Unless you side with the ones who deem that individuals are faulty, and sinners that only God can save, and you have never ever perceived that social conditions cause Man to be despicable, mean, brutal, and thus by annihilating the Man any inhumanity becomes possible and probable.

Unless you are those who are filled with indignation and are shocked by the lack of loyalty, or by the contempt for human rights, but you are blind and unable to make out that everything and every one are dominated, and that in a world without human beings, human rights are a very elegant concept, yet an empty one.

Unless you are champions of justice, opponents of finance, heroic advocates of the real economy, then you are definitely incapable to see that it is right here where the slaughter begins, that Man is denied, no matter what your moral principles provide for.

Unless you are supporters of armed struggle and you are not aware of its pointlessness, because violence will never achieve any liberty, and war, far from terminating with dominion, will always perpetuate it.

Unless you are among them, all told, you won’t find anything interesting in what I write. Nothing to suit your instance and senses, my dear respectable persons, nationalists, neoliberals, indignant, conservatives, progressives, consumerists, anti-consumerists, you lovers of sovereignty, common good, politically correct, de-growth, spree finance, solemn privation, of ethical business, of real economy, you sterile protesters of a world that you cannot understand. There is no thrill here for you, absolutely nil to tickle your vanity or captivate your conscience of temperate deluded, or disenchanted devotees of Realpolitik, or whatever you are proud to be a part of.

I do not hang around describing corruption and criminals, I don’t ask for more honesty and clearness, I do not claim for ethical business and politics, I am not indignant. I seek the prospect for the unborn Man to see the light and truly inhabit the earth, among the close mesh of the dominion. I know that money can’t but turn into Capital to generate profits, and doing so it exploits individuals and nature, and produces violence and domination. I know that no economic domain can exist without political power. So, if you don’t please yourselves with phenomenology, and don’t get caught by the effect, but know how to rise up to the cause and distinguish it, if you don’t believe the poor are individuals to feed but you want to eliminate poverty once and for all, and you know that this is possible only by abolishing money, markets, social classes, production based on profit and exploitation, and certainly not hypocritically demanding more ethics in politics and business. If you thus are able to send to hell your rulers when they ask for your support, and tell them you are not brigands hungry for loot. If you are able to refuse the sacrifice that sanctifies the power making you a victim, and in the meantime turn down a seat at the hangmen’s banqueting-hall, so then, if you allow for the free human community to be the only feasible motherland, well then, you might as well enjoy my point of view, and get together and dig the ground to bring the denied Man to light…



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