The Eye Behind

Rupert walked thru the valley, clambered up the road that led to the town of Barguisepoop to reach the hills on the outskirts where Neath Faum lived. He had always wanted to meet him, and learn more about his legendary eye behind, the eye with which he could see through the look of wisdom.

The words of Jason still resounded in his mind, remembering the day he listened to him speaking of Neath Faum, «He taught me to fold the flags, and read the thoughts of the predecessors, and submit them for the attention of the eye behind»

«The eye behind?” Rupert startlingly asked.

«Yes, the eye behind, the only eye able to see through without having your mind already made up. The eye behind knows, examines, perceives, and comes forth with all its wisdom. That’s what the flags and thoughts by all predecessors are made for, to be looked through and checked by the eye behind»

Jason had been given the privilege to spend a day at Neath Faum’s home, to witness his knowledge, and to hear stories that he listened to with ravenous attention. He accounted to have been caught by a gigantic mound of rolls he spotted in a room. They seemed to be minutely and amazingly decorated. He got closer and noticed that those were not decorations, they were writings, indeed, reproducing their old traditions and precepts. He let his fingers glide on them, and they felt incredibly soft. He then asked, «Why so many rolls of our ancient traditions and precepts, so well printed in such a paper so soft and pleasant to the touch?»

«Ah, those?» answered Neath Faum, «… Those are for my eye behind, something only it can understand and know how to use»

Later, Neath Faum offered him some piece of his wisdom, telling stories about the Regents, and of how they sent the hunters out even under any adverse circumstance, lest they should run short of meat. Yet, no matter how rich the hunting was, the greatest part of it was reserved to Char Gaily Punt, the wild ferocious beast that lived in the woods, whose want for meat increased at every breath it took. It would have destroyed their fields, burnt down their houses, torn them into pieces, had they ever failed to deliver its share.

None of them would ever dream of letting the beast starve, not even the members of the Band Exec Fit, those who were in charge to watch over their old traditions and make sure the Regents would respect all of those commandments and maintain peace in town. Behind their boasted and undaunted bravery, they were scared stiff of fighting the beast, and that’s why they ended up allied with the Flay Hons, those who strengthened the myth of the supernatural sovereign, whose kingdom of delight is kept as a gift to the meek and passive. Together they accomplished the irremissible mission of stopping evil, for the town could thrive and never fall into chaos and anarchy. They were ready to react at any hint of mayhem, yet always incapable of acting.

«Why?» Jason, so hungry for answers, asked.

«You don’t need to go deeply into things when you react», Neath Faum replied.

Then Jason raised the question, «If all they do is select and divide, subtract and lock, why can’t they realize their knowledge is subdued? Why can’t they help but make ruin and maintain what they have to defend from monsters?»

Neath Faum serenely replied, «They know monsters, but they can’t see the Monster. Their substance, and their substantial, is being created over and over again before their eyes, without them ever seeing. They ask for wars to kill what they fear, and they fear everything that is unlike them. They dread time, and rely upon their science to be saved, which makes them perfect for being conquered. What they claim is exactly what dooms them in chains. Their eyes belong to the past, what can they build if not graves and graveyards?»

Finally, Jason said that he had seen him folding up the flag and scanned it by his eye behind. That was like a weird ceremony, while Neath Faum looked to be amused, and began spreading funny locutions, and it was actually hilarious:

«Flush the caves. Fatten the dogs. Lording lords. Lady Muck to lag. Reek of dog, stink of monkey. Feed the chicken, drain the sewers, scrape off the walls, bewitch asses, yet, mostly, fatten the dogs. Let the blindfold whore repeat her vice, and those from the pit scream: Be them lashed, and may they choke, but their blood be kept aside from that of the martyrs and the strained», and way more incomprehensible and senseless terms of his invention. He would then strike up the national anthem so loud and potent, dying and peppering it with more of his mocking expressions, to finally scrub his eye behind with the flag. Neath Faum’s eye behind was actually a marvel when it came to paying homage to the national sacredness.

Meanwhile, Rupert’s journey was almost at an end. Soon after, where the river bends towards the east, just a few miles from its source, he spotted the house over the hills. Just a few more steps, and he would be there.

He didn’t know what to say, and he didn’t know whether Neath Faum would welcome him, let him in, talk to him, or tell him to leave with no regards.

Rupert didn’t even have the time to think it over, his walk had taken him longer than he had thought, and then he stumbled upon the old man who was arranging a woodpile at a shed. This latter stared at the young man, then broke in, «Don’t stand on ceremony, make yourself at home»

Rupert felt like laughing.

«What took you so far from home, boy? Have you come to learn about the sky and sea? Or you just want to know about the river and its stream?» Neath Faum asked.

«A few words will do, for me», Rupert replied back.

The look of the old man opened in an expression of consent, then he whispered, «Wise young man. Very wise», and then carried on, «You came for a fistful of words that may give consistency to your judgment and spirit. You have seen blind fathers and mothers proudly launch their children to fighting in the white arena. You have seen all those lights are bright, but their eyes are dull. You have observed a passing key double lock their minds and wrap them with chains that are harder than diamond. Yes, what they call their room to fly is the cage of their angst and loneliness»

The old man paused, he moved toward the window to take a look up above, as if to grab the strength from the matter and that hidden vigor which keeps it as a whole. The matter, yes the matter, that can stand alone, and doesn’t need any outer interference.

He said, «Fight for everybody’s time is worth anybody else’s time, for time is life, and life is what they all need to be. Insist so that they may dwell like kings and queens, for their rank cannot be lower. Demand for their mind and body to be free from disquiet and disorder, for the healthier they are, the happier the Earth. Let them be accompanied by pleasures and warm when their days will be snowed, and let them experience kindness until they are fully sated…»

Rupert lightly moved his chin up and down.

Then, Neath Faum wound up admonishing, «They will tell you that you are a lethal foe who wishes their town to fall down into pieces, and the evilest of all evils to take over the world. You simply respond, who cares? They might as well call the Moon a Star, but they cannot expect it will shine like the sun!»

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