Catch the powerful and send them to jail

Give men principles and see them fail

Grow ‘em into beasts and cut their tail

Kill their dreams, allow no bail

Feed ‘em with bread that’s already stale

Put them to bed with one more tale

Make believe they’ll remove the veil

Let them hang on tooth and nail

Stuffed with wars and crushed by the gale

They’ll feel themselves stronger and hale

Until freedom escapes and the scope is pale

For a burning land, the prize is the swale

The blind sovereign has baffled the trail

Awash in the gloom, drags on the wail

Although you impose, inflict, and entail

Indignation will never the power curtail

Dig the ground and the Humans unveil

Look at their sores, how deep is their wale

One day a new sea we will glide and sail

That day we’ll un-cry all the tears in this vale

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