Sandy Poems

Out of wens

More overflow, out overflow…
Wensing over and wensing out
It is passing through the dimension
In the vein of overflowing the banks of space and time
To find themselves in a no more material dimension
No need to overcome the self being
But to get to the self being
So as to stay in the world and complete it
No metaphysics, no pre-representation
Man’s ambition is immanent reason
The spirit can’t disown the body
Not sensitiveness but choice, chosen in the border line
We live by the sea, never sure which option to make
It’s kept by individual truth
No time like this has been so precious for
the hylic men until now
They know the art of sweetening but they can’t deny
Their dismal science will be our doom
Knowledge is scrappy
Looking after so as not to fall down,
look for, hunt for
Becoming psychic so as to get in touch with themselves
Trying to get the ends back to unity
Just to find themselves pneumatic and sentient
Shall we come across the hidden god?
Are we meant to understand the god man, kind and cruel?
He insists on our humbleness to lean and kiss
the hetaera lady
The world saved by a kiss
To elevate is the widest chance


Sixteen Stars

This is the ballad of the many few
I wish it could reach the sky
Gather the angels’ tunic
Graze the palaces of the Cherubs
Resound shrill at night,
They have flesh around their bones.
Socrates erected a temple to the People
His blood was its price
Plato dwelled in there, and let the bells toll
Kant traveled among the stars
Disclosing out their wonders,
The moral law resided inside the Man
No one should be feeling small any longer.
Where will this sun halt?
It delays and rejoices, looking at the heights
It timidly draws a light upon the slopes
It’s too uncomfortable to dip down at valley.
The lords of the word rule the sword that glows and threatens the dark damned,
They forgot passion and pardon
And filthy they wallow, in the war of the poor.
You the People who know, You the People who teach
Go back to the table of the wise design
Yours is the seat and the voice that raises,
Usurped and abused by the grievous tyrant.
The one is solid, and finely fights
It owns victory, as the night belongs to the day
It could be exiled, canceled, expelled
But it can stir the cloth of its banquet
So that crumbs fall down,
They’re expected, they’re soon grasped
By the oily army of the false power
They stuff themselves, and their leftovers are gift once again
Pelting little rain of infected slavery grains
In the huge underground dark, where the fight is fast.
There were sixteen stars,
They shone like beacons at night,
Lighting up roads and streets, alleys and boulevards
They were like lost snakes looking for a home.
Aye, there’s the point, the fugitive stalled, like in the bad quarto
Who do I trust, who do I love…
I oughtn’t to hurt anybody… it’s my only certainty
Then, in the break of twilight, he turned around,
And moved forward where the lights looked less pale and put it,
“Does this world forget there are one thousand and more ways to go back to the origins? And yet, it’s got to be done!”
Not for the sword, not for the power, I was born.
And I am what others are altogether.
Give me, profound father, your words and your essence,
Teach me the wisdom of your already gone time,
For such man needs to stand up to the wind and catch the rustle of the breeze
While the immortal angel passes by.



The flotsam is on the shore
It came from distant worlds
Far notes with it, they rest
left to the mercy of anybody else
Forget me not all alone
Before the rage of the unknown


The Poem of the Last Night

Two are the directions of the look
“is”and “ought”
Glass & Crystal
Reflexes & Reflections
Ships all over the seas
Out in the space…
The knight was sitting by the shore
Along the river the water boiled.
Dreaming in the hugeness of his mind
He lived many lives and
Started to feel the shade & the pain,
The cold & and the strain.
And a long and troubled way
before he could meet someone to be the light of his life.
Voices of children
The very truth, only the very truth
Vanishing into the void
Vow & declare it
Shouting at the top of the voice
But it might just take one word which speaks volumes.
Never fear to fly over the hazy wall
Don’t let it be haunting at you.
Come on, Greek hero give us your safety
and give us your justice: One
Come on, you worried prince show us
your stir and show us your doubt: Nobody
Come on, you Mr. Science let us know your
point of view, let us know your pure theory: One hundred thousand
The Third will bring us a heavy question
What does our job provide for?
Twisted in the wind our past went thru.
Which of you are going after it?
Law, System & Order
Changing weapons for the next world
Mobsters & mob rules
Is this the way?
What’s left for sharing and
What’s left for spinning out into the light?
Merciful powers!
To accustom promises
will be a great big fight
To challenge the Nature
impossible still….
What can we find out again
to help this wave get to the shore
kindly bring these bones so sore & worn
put out this constant & burning sorrow?
I felt a fireball blowing up into my head
Everything is moving on!
We were searching for gods and
we were looking for saints
Lame teacher
Dumb & dazed in a smoky pub
Blind & directionless
We want men and women made by mind & heart
to teach us history by sinking into events.
Crystal jails
And walls veiled & polished, red ones
The man came, took her arm
and brought her into the cage
The power, the authority, the swine
The bourgeois state is to be defending bourgeois rights
It hides crimes behind the smiling face of Freedom
The poor ones suffer & die
But it’s important for you to run
to shatter
They’ll be haunting you.
Is & Ought
Reinvented Ghost, mystified
Symbol words, relativity
Interruption of rules.
And sounds, many sounds
Celebrate the triumph upon the brains’ slaughter.
Paper, thorns, metal
Nothing I’m thinking is meaningless
Let the top of the triangle sting your soul
I would only know your dreams
But you’ve always been burying them all.
I would touch your heart…
No… not owning it… touching it..
Spots on my clothes
No… not the first time, y’ know
The sky was red, this morning too.
Fly higher, ‘til you can
Haven’t you got any wings
We’re all missing in haze deserts.
Where our job & our death are?
No more!
Water, walls, dry soil
Painful bones
Bones of fire
I would like to have just a sweet wonderful wife-mate
to get me ashore by the river
I’ll get by myself but I won’t be willing to watch, nor will I listen to.
Feeling & then leaving.
Light & shining moments
You were there.
Let’s meet again, wordless.
Dust, memories and gentle smiles in your eyes.
I won’t steal anything.
The sun is sinking in the sea
Be this night magic to you.
I’m waiting to see the children play
expecting to hear their voices rejoice.
Little cats & young dogs
I’ll be as happy as the day is long.
Away, longer and longer
Never back.
Empty jar,
Parched soil
Dry eyes
Night & blood
Blood & night
Bust illusion
Dark mirrors, polished, golden
The Ancient Greek world saw gods from so far away
Never it felt their love,
It couldn’t know, ever.
Rome wrote the words upon the lips of its gods
The waiting of the Jews
vain & impossible.
Talk to me about a people that loved God
and called “Mother” the earth.
Let me wander
Our mind will never be tired
Are we a small number?
We are!
Picture, impressionism, cubism
Views, all different
All moving to the same unique point
The scene can enclose all the shapes.
Each meaning is also the signifier.
What do we ask for bringing our justice upon the eagles’ wings
and moving on to the sun.
Dull drops make sight confused
Long months, years
The sailor called out screaming for the land
but he found water again.
Let your dark fears fall down into the light
You’re laying your tears on little green leaves.
Breath, Ghost, Thirst
Soul, sweet smell, sleep
Hogs that don’t know their fathers
harrow their children
tear their flesh to pieces.
Hesiod and Thucydides, once more.
Slowed down sequence
Gloom & cold
Amazed young women
Horses through the rainbow
Gentle sounds to stuff words of rock.


American Dream

I have been waiting for you a long, long night
O’ fresh burning wish shrilling in the fight
As singing and twisting of argentine tones
Thru amazing valleys loosen within roads they cross
Whether this flowing evening tears the daily mask
No hope is left once the sun’s swallowed into dusk
Brooding o’er a long black layer of dark around
Dry harsh notes gone amiss on brush woods and ground
Give us of kind flat visions and tender lot fated
By battles we are repeatedly tied up and bated
To the earthly efforts delivers any day that’s giving
Peoples through the seas they’re all along leaving
Freshening at the marvel of the duty draw
Surprise spread out and cast so that hope to grow
Therefore hail us all, no change for us to plead
If you let us be alive, rejoice, aye we’re freed
For if ye knock upon the doors and wait for they unlock
Bursting out no violence, behind coverings of smoke
For if ye play the diverse and win you not, we deem
That this will be your very American holy dream
The ghost of hammer and sickle, remind
Has left its oldest show and wanders blind


The Nameless Sailors

From the glass the smoke steamed
As mortal dyes the room fast teemed
Our brains scanned over distant edges
So we soon left…
North, South, East & West
The exploration firmly kept
Until the carpet told and set
Our memories being due to see
In the glowing sparkling sea
The sailors we are, no tag
No uniform and no flag


Metropolitan Nightmare

Down at the crossroad,
two men thru an insane competition
Words over words and the screeching of steel
And along the boulevard all those races with no quarter
no place to reach, no point where to leave from.
Then, coming out the shade,
someone who hasn’t any memory,
bound in chains of choices,
asks for something that none understands.
Taking place where men have no face, no history, no name.
Who is waiting who?
And when the most little will ask for knowing
there’ll be doors and gates well guarded
and images and voices and sounds and signs
from everywhere to point at wide and straight ways
to show all the possible meanings
of the lights that shine and colors that change.
The world weighs too much, dipped in the judgment,
Hanging below the heaven.


Virgin Night

And I was left alone one day
Down along the goddamn street
Yeah, la puta calle
I got on my own
Helpless and stranger
I wondered to myself: ‘to whom shall I go?’
I recall when I loved to walk off in the distance
My sweet girl friend, I’ll be steering clear of you
As the time is getting blue
If she longs to pledge with me
Her cup must be sober
And her head ought not to be gilded with relics
We’ve been spending long days grooving
Crossing the sun valleys
Precious jiffs and a brand new heat
Sinking memories driven on to the vast shores of time
If dreams shouldn’t die
Must come back where the night is virgin


No More

No more ignorance and darkness
No more disdain and hate
No more abused mothers
No more injured fathers
No more easy lies nor shameless justifications
No more deadly cons
No more words to cheat
No more places to torture
No more ruin and wreck
No more bleakness and loneliness
No more deeds devoid of soul
No more heartless world
No more dry deserts
No more eyes to cry out
No more destitution on the streets
No more children to suffer and weep
No more innocents to starve, cast out in the cold
No more men lonely and hopeless
No more victims of mistreatment and inequity
No more blood, nor murders, nor terror
No more souls bare and vexed
No more human beings without humanity


Impressions of a morning travel recollecting on the last night

Gentle night flights
Like scraps on the horizon
The trip of dawn toward the morning
She, twirled by the hedge
Sterile tree, her eyes severed my sight
Illusions are horses in the storm
Mechatronic age
Her twisted tale in my frail brain
As meristem in the wind.
Little frantic sister
Can you get me higher?
Warrior’s shields in the metallic tube
Where’s the gentle toll of the eastern bell?
Hushed before the supreme sacrifice
Orator by the raven tunic
Lying in the altar
This is the color of his eyes
He revealed the name of its origin
Cold animal, I won’t be after you…
The ode to the moon
Shook the flimsy sleep of the timid, deep creature
Little elf, will you let me flee?
The fullness is in the top as much as in the low
No one will take us by the hand
No one will guide us
No one will replace us to seeing abysses and mountains


Crystal Meadow

Marvelous flowers chasing on the meadow
Happy songs stirring on the lake
Move yourself and get what’s moving around
Room for the sun
Room for your feeling to rock
Let’s dance on the travel.
Dig, dig, make a ditch where you
can slide down
Cover yourself, shield yourself, then
move on
Emerge where the light is runnier
Shake up where the air is frailer
Don’t let the water smooth you
The news will come delayed on time
The hut is crazy curved in the north wind
Brave horses break in the hive towns
Shedding rays with grey eyes
Splitting the leaves kissed by the airstream
Force queens at bliss
Rough soul among mortal hesitancy
Mirrored prophet on shields of opaque metal, forged
Defeated dog wringing in brambles
Weeping wolf head stuck on the silk wall
Slaughter of objects
Wet sheds
Mallow flowers snaking along cliffs
Mud bones rolling from precious hills
Children in the mosaic as fresh as peach-trees
hauling carts with covered spheres
Trembling fishes within sonorous marshes
spotted by drooping ashes
Light peasants are polishing with
knotted tools
Stoned ticks embrace the crystalline
Be honey to me, be height for you


Closing Spaces

Shores that tender waters lap by
They are mild and allow you to fly
As mild as to be pleasantly buried
Yet neath more spaces for you to be carried


And then, let there be dark again

Dark, dark
And then let there be dark again.
I’ve opened the door: the black, the black
And farther on the black again.
Well, here we come
Here we are
We hope your magic would keep us amused
It’s a long time our children don’t see
beyond the threshold
We told them one day they could do
all that inside insists and pushes
Screeching of chains that don’t break
Lo, that’s an ambush!
It’s a crucial habit
Do not hammer down
And stop your devices
Destroy your homes
Veils in your ghost minds get going
The eagle takes over soaring above the skies
Move on in the wood
My favorite tree, there it goes
The face of the baby girl, moon colored
White rivers flew
A yarn a throw, Ah, enchanted land,
Time drags all away
Time, time that drives
Time, time that draws
Yet… unsaid in the dark again
Listen up, listen up…
The lonely poet on the road
Just a few lines, no love
He let his pen delve into a blazing pool
Rummage around for me,
Call me under your breath
Lest this numb ‘n’ quiet place should flee
This storm won’t bloom
To sing for throngs, rock and ice
To burn feelings and renewing in prime
The dark, the dark
And then let there be dark again.
What if our children were misplaced?
Yet, we shall leave this earth
And a breath within the universe
May well swallow all our creatures
Unique possible direction
Where time is not
Where time is not…


Lukewarm Evenings

It’s too early to leave
It’s too foolish to die now
A long new pathway to follow
Gentle shadow
It will lead us to the olden days
By the lukewarm evenings
Depicted in the sunset.
Come, this time we’ll have
a stronger mind.
Autumn days, a sign on the sun
The wicked might as well sleep gladly.


The Night of Echoes

Amid the paths shadowed by time
Deceits will echo and crush sublime
Wrecks and notes from afar sent
Facing aliens and worshippers’ vent
Hostile their names in dreams resound
Slaves the brothers would slay and hound
Creatures of copper in fickle traits
They own the scope and vacant fates
O’ injured blameless evoke the look
Fire clawed gifts they got and took
Sister and watcher of the sea’s ire
Clearer streams the lord hail ‘n’ admire
To render my wind to my blind father
To get it in the arms of my lone mother
Lady of fury still eager for preys
Moves in disdain and stranger to grace
Stolen ‘n’ plundered loot she has worn
By cruel sovereigns at barren time born
Vigorous chants air as echoes wade
Love, be surprised, yet never afraid


Your Taste

When your hands slip through my body
Making their own way so rowdy
For your sinful flavour I can’t but crave
In my better self by any single frame


That’s All Folks!

You people know where to look when your eyes lay weary
No rest behind crystal tears.
You got so many places to have fun, run and die…
Well, open a new way out.
Tell me now honey, tell me truth
Have you ever been dancing all night long?
How many stars did you count?
How many times did you hear the sea sliding upon the cliff?
I can’t remember.
I pretended to be winged sometimes,
I would like to hear that whine once more
Still wasting myself away while letting the sun come here with no strain
No words,
Stars make no sound from here
There might be some quiet in the misty night
Doing the snow to be higher and the river flood up.
I smelt your scent around tearing my breast like a lance.
I would like to read higher, over the heads of the ancients
about what moved their deeds
what came from their hearts and what came out of a reason never true
Furtum est contrectatio rei fraudolosa lucri faciendi
gratia vel ipsius rei vel etiam usus eius possessionisve
Always unfair, changeable, fickle and faint…
What did they steal from us, what is to be given back to us?
Tell me great wise man, I’d love to know
How many times will the servant give in to the master
And whether the lady bestows kisses out of her sugary lips
How many of your gloomy golden timbers will be eaten by billows?
I wished I had such a dry mind, easy to oblivion
indulgent to amenity, if any…
A mind where the dark would rule, and a faint light to read would do.
Oh Romans, oh African from the city of God
Quasi quidquam infelicius sit homine cui sua
figmenta dominantur
Smile to me Pascal
Be not my mind teaching me to err
Be my nature keen to love
Be not my spirit fond of false
There might be any authority out of us
The one we’ve been shoved inside
Drove us in the hands of the naked Leviathan
You, you who danced and washed the day by stones
Now you tell me if
What you pretend, crave for, call it by magic,
has a soul within it by means of your longings…
Wünshen: to want, to wish
Zaubern: to charm
I belong to myself, that’s just a poor thing
Not to find love, comfort or peace save in me, within me, only to me
How may I ever see the other coming, wanting life, asking for life
What’s the search of spirit if I lose my flesh and turn into a mere shape?
I am a rule coming out of another most general rule which encloses me in.
Where is my target?
I’m not to touch the edge of your garments any longer,
they will fall upon my face as cold and smooth as sheets
I’ll bare my countenance out and break my chains down…
I don’t want any eyes
We greeted Foucault’s perspective
It looked something not ephemeral to consider our freedom
Yet the limits of acceptable meaning, and judgements of error
Ended up dramatically smashing up against fiction and falsehood
Think that any elsewhere may exist?
There where lives are shared
An exodus, a new exodus,
A migration to a new land…
You, man of ideals and courage
Beyond the apostle
You haven’t filled with filthy inventions the lives of the last…
Forever delivered to the will of the powerful
The idea dominates in the model, yet succumbs to the action
The human knowledge of the opposite
Here and alone, no one to rescue this wilderness
No one to release the earth
If heart is willing to forgive, it will find the good
And the good that’s retrieved, never sinks into attitude
If Adam finds again Adam, and Eve finds again Eve
The unconquered sense of duty ties itself to morals
I don’t know who ascended to heaven, nor do I know whether he descended,
whether he ever caught the storm in the palm of his hands,
whether his cloak enclosed the oceans
If I ignore his name, and I can’t recognize his son
You can call my life with the name you want.
He laughs, the arcane merchant…


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