Theaters of Sea and Neglect

August Star

I was born the night of the enchanted stars
The sky lights up and brightens the bars
O’ this world of ours too often prison
To lonely kids and old without reason
I met the hunger that humbles and rends
Raising discord all thro men and their lands
The gory war came to stir up my eyes
It wasn’t like snow falling from skies
My dear mom, I shall call on your name
That day when I will set off by the flame
Borders, expanses and valleys to cross
New earths to find, rid of any loss
I learned the dearest evening is where
The hand that gives is willing to share
The token of love pouring out I could see
So Large my life gave her grace and mercy
As bold as the man who never resigns
I fought so that each might enjoy their rights
Awaiting the honor, in that moment apart
To yield to the worthier breath of the heart
Since arrogance is never a burning desire
To those who free dare dream much higher
Virtue, integrity, and wisdom I sought
O’ humankind’s shine, they are the upshot
Simple, essential things are what abides
That’s how Life paints children and brides
Clouds and rain, aye the conscience gets wet
Unaware be not the proud to forget
From the sea and the wood charmed and thick
Injured heart son may come to ye quick
The fog of dawn that covers the leaves
Keeping at bay he who quietly sleeps
Deep lone soul, too early unstill
Brave young warrior, be justice his will
Who prayers at barren hour had cast
Fear not for wisdom will never be past
Make no wreck o’er this lien of mine
Until the night will summon the sign
The final and the last, all of my leap
To the lady whose hand I would tie and keep
Wait my beloved, the flower o’ the day
Welcome its scent, and have on to stay


The Tree

stand up straight evolved son
overwhelm the quandary of the tree
knowledge and life can’t collide
torn by the wish for lording and knowing
the forefathers have killed and abused
filled the emptiness of the peoples with stale reasons
injured the tired mothers, highest and best
love makes life and knowledge sacred
go beyond the dual illusion, keep off the destiny of the gloomy tyrants
no need to be linked, conscience wants no masters
even though we’ll know of differentiated and multiple spaces
we shall go on stemming, thinking not to own eternity
no creation is possible to us
nature never reverts
her power breaks free and she is a driving force
death kills not, life itself ends us
as she is continuously called to mutation by her solemn progenitress
and while changing, she is life once again
the energy that divides the bodies looks to be black, yet not empty
and its force and supremacy are certain
freedom is the great divider
animal nature and blood are naturally true
but pneuma and psyche can freely address to falsity
yet, not the brutal instinct, not the vegetative life will ever poison the free reason
peace is the highest among all forerunners of harmony
universal virtue, bearer of splendor
force ceases to be the measure of all connections
good is the sense of direction, and good and love are uniquely the same ultra-substance.


Last Trip

A child so sweet, candid, eating chocolate upon the knees of time
Into the folds of history he lays
Among tales of smoky battles: wars of men.
Wounded glance, broken heart, damned life
You, ghosts of time crowding the rooms empty of toys,
filled with dust, brimful of stars
Where does your morning arise
And your ship sail from?
A man with gorgeous energies had beat the iron, shaped the keys.
Why did you close the doors of the world?
Who are you?
You, great solver of puzzles, what are you gonna ask me more?
Upset woman, I loved you in silence!
Clear man, I couldn’t hold your step.
Tender old woman, we’ll meet again and we’ll be young.
The wave came from the sea and came to impose its force.
Young soldiers, sailors of the celestial vastness
We missed a king to conquer the dust.
Our fathers will be laughing from the past thousands
Fairy hair girl, light dancer
You lived your cheerful time
Impossible love.
Sweet, precious very rare flower
Heaven for a shipwrecked, shining hope
My eyes have seen God and His own goodness!
Little squaw, dream of a great love
You have fallen into the darkness
But an ocean arose and called me to life again
Source of love by sweet kind name
Eyes of sky, hair of sun
You drove the white lady away
You filled my cup with honey
My memories are full to the brim with your tender caresses
But a heavy wave dragged me off.
Attempted love, robbed prince
Widow queen, you’re gonna get another reign.
Old man, old man, can you remember the red cherry one?
Reach out your hand to me
I will talk about my life,
I will talk about sorrow and I’ll give you my joys
My blood for a little peace,
A little peace, a little peace…
Black knight on the wings
Beat of an instant
Passion of life, shade of misfortune
You left your women crying
Sparkling messenger, not understood, never heard
Another turn of this crazy wheel and I’m gonna meet you again…
Some hard working man was sowing his soil
Sowing and awaiting
His patience was great
His love was tried out
His life completed.
Men of the big hall
You belong to the world and decide of it
I’ve seen your flowers withering
Your dry soils no more beloved by the sky.
Another one kind faint voice
Once more my name and yours
Joining together into the roominess of the space around us
The gentle touch of an angel
And my life shall meet the eternal.
Eastern child, my nice guest
You did never escape
You’ve been watching thru my eyes
How many of them were seeing you?
Lotus flower, early fruit of oblivion
I shall get back to my land hidden child
And I’ll be dressing of you.
Daughter of my youth
Born with the sword, win life my soul love,
discover the world and get amazed of it!
My love, blue eye sight, ocean of peace
Keep me under your sky my fair lady
All my whole life just to be a moment with you.


Outlaw Prophets

Outlaw prophets
We wash the viscera of the lamb
With the blood spurting out of our mouths
We kiss the warm mother’s breast
By our whitish lips
Outlaw prophets
We are sculptors of our existence
Painters by chance
And musicians of the dances
We are to shake in like ghosts
We’re doomed to grieve in this murderous jail
With our heads nailed to the ground and our bones beaten to death
We rally through the haze
Our lungs streaming out water
And our tongues are pierced by thorns
Outlaw prophets
We are poisoned by Execration
We let our cheeks slide upon the comforting stone
As it catches our skinny aspirations



10.27′ Last road.
Yo Rag, all I ask for is a little time.
Just a few days and you’ll get what is yours.
Well, I’ve found a new vein and
it is all plain sailing
Yet it’s too early to try.
I won’t cheat on you.
I have my hands full with
all those beasts and more business, you know?
What an effort!
You’re not afraid to get back home Rag
Are you?
Liquid state
If you keep insisting I will stretch out my hand
But I am so warm I actually wouldn’t get cold.
You won’t be able to get into this radiator sphere.
I’m exquisitely sweating in the unceasing evolution.
Two delicate birds swapped each other’s boughs
Gently they described their stories
Cautiously they came out with their purposes
Finely they imitated one another
Then they decided to exchange their souls.
Rudely they were left embalmed
And those two flew toward other boughs
The wind varies color while crossing spaces
It takes a break upon the snow and then rejoices
To this spouse caressing you
Grant favors oh sea waters of blue
A baby girl in a coralline land
She buys games in a bazaar
Called Green Sun
The thud of a drum
Flowing into a cane of bamboo
Beating against the lynx tooth
Poets go trip over the most advanced dream
They hollow out
Hendrix’s guitar string
All those idiots you hit
You made ‘em helpless
You made ‘em ludicrous.
You ended burnt for you had no power and no will.
Janis ugly and damned
You got ‘em squashed under their own
You got naked, they got shocked.
They were children of the future,
they became medieval soldiers.
Lizard Morrison
You licked ‘em all with your
poisoned tongue
You shared with ‘em some of your finds
They had lived in your own lands,
They got out dazed and castrated
After exciting too soon.
You all live in a world that glorifies death.
The pupils were brought into a hall
Everyone had their art to learn
They killed the teachers and burnt the code
They found a face to themselves so odd
They created a personal myth
Under purple cloths they built
Sneering at Classical signs
In their prime they took their lives
Festive Yards
Everybody is scattered around
Upside down tables and chairs
Clinging to sweaty columns
Numb upon jettisoning their senses
Real Theater
A sad king sits
Across from a stage
Waiting for his plan to fall
Not to have anything to hope for.
The finest of the world
Legionaries waiting
Ready to proceed to the fatal tinkling
Dust arising
For you that you burn your souls
For you that think to be the finest of the world
For you that you know
Good and Evil
Be your gods full of pity
For you are righteous and
Arrogant with kindness.


A blow, then go on

Go chewing concrete these Graces so one and the same
if heaven has disowned them
the blunder of fate has swallowed ‘em up
And while we’re experiencing the depths of life
and she is showing us to the darkest corners
We have to move to the earth for more thanks
I get out…
Dare to see the world
As the cities are churning
Nothing but listen, just listen
I’ve witnessed crowd of armies going on in the wintertime
And as the time goes by
a leaven of younger minds fading away…
yet all their memories died within their own souls
Eyes saying no, eyes saying so
A dull picture with burning borders
She flipped over just where the mist wets the day
Betrayed while giving
Rejected in the rush of love
Lives crammed with fear
That’s the very enemy of love
To see the hidden man
To catch his secret
If you get tired to regret
You bloom to the mystery
A single word of light can save us
The world as a place of dominion and challenge
Be winners and losers
Instead of a new sight
Love ‘n’ blood are often together
Scratched noises, of iron and shrill tones
Then squealing and mown sounds
Voices overlapped and unceasing buzz
Things that hiss to brake and take up again
All views hoodwinked in disquiet
In the unlikely walk of vain models
Pain-taker to mean the most insightful
Not like painstaking
who takes care of the pain and dives down
to the roots
by blood and stuff from soul is made the way back
to the country of the men who are lost in abundance
The trip to freedom takes much strain and horror
Yet getting back is best
in case the dull will of sliding down the
stairway of degeneration prevails!
What have we been visiting in there but
decayed people mingled with mud?
The blame and the smile
And what if your heart misgave you
Would you raise the blade again?
In the strong need of what is possible to realize…


Lil & Lol

Lil & Lol went all alone
be no more my cheating bone
hitches and stops throughout the roads
what a mess among those broads
hit-or-miss their lonely fix
t’ was how to feel like cuddled chicks
stick with the likes of you
was all their folks would hint to do
yet they survived to all that gloom
until they got into the room
from where the span led to a bridge
that rallied hopes and further twinge


The Obscene Power

the austere lords fiercely come by
down to your knees, they’re worth your eye
oh fine spirits, white visions that save
immanent impressions, sovereigns are grave
high souls in bliss, risen to heaven
revere purity, be their faithful leaven
so when their hands the scepter will shake
we’ll learn the play was villain and fake
angels and demons our nature denies
live by discretion, the rest are but lies
hagiocracy we don’t need any more
as sense we were dealt and brains galore
earth is a mother, good father’s the sky
mysteries and stars there gorgeously ply
they blow up in dust and glow with light
shaking all wonders, blacking the sight
if human forgiveness feels heavy to lift
human is the lot announced in the gift
absence of grime life never creates
abhors mother nature infamous mates
by matter and flesh, by wait and bones
’til claiming the ditch its spoils beckons
all summoned to virtuous harmony
brothers and sisters, oh kind euphony
fate’s or plan’s breed whether it be
either love or beloved disgraced cannot be
author’s sly twists and sophisms by wits
in spite of that greed seems what it fits
plunged within the languid chant
the hidden saint’s still waiting to grant
hence fed by life, wisdom and reason
the soul flies off beyond any prison
of merit and fame you prattle so stark
to human distinction ye rabidly bark
fat heavy rain of shameful power
craven wet kings you’re masters to cower
virtue goes high and ire goes rush
the rascal will die, the rogue will crush
enjoy refusing, you inane and vile
oh royal descent of very mean style
no wings and no worries, uncaring ye slouch
ay the high spirits see yer feigned vouch
so truth opens out and the being begets
that only light senses, weaves and protects
whilst good widens, heart stirs with mirth
raises the breath, takes love to rebirth
as the Creature won’t live by terror and fear
for brave true freedom will burst out and cheer


King of Orange

Vincent traveled
Neglected he departed
His spirit mocked by eternal brigands
Of rose and peach skin
Cloaked by Latin flavors
Drawing virtues with austral passions
The kings of orange exceeded Euclid
Challenging progenies of Saxons and Celts
Fields of flowers, grazed by the wind
Julie’s stags cheerfully smoked
Free from tricks, shams and cheats
Turning around… Dancing… Playing with the sky


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