Lyrics of Stone

Illusions Cathedral

The warden of the door of life
Shakes creative light
The prophet of the transparent house upon the water
plays and builds
In the garden of the castle open flowers
speak of lost dreams and fallen promises
They watch along the pathway when the ether descends
among the peregrine shadows
Don’t let them suffer, because they cannot cry
Ten, one hundred, one thousand figures
at the source of wishIn its interlude the dance of rats blurs the shadows
The sparrow’s song will never end

Listen to the crying night, athwart the fire
You can give a name to all of their fears
The lords of the war behind the sun
You may run forever in the land of the eternal children
The wise man who knows about the soul
without ever seeing and knowing the soul
won’t know where to guide you to
when your life will escape from this world of men
Tohu… Bohu…


The Straw Man

So the man from the flowers’ land
Reached to the land of iron
Flying upon a gilded cup
The platinum prince arose
Go back to the land of brilliance
Of magic flowers and pinkish waters
Flowing all the way through the green towns
Crystal beasts ascended
Laying on floating silver clouds
The straw man moved his eyes toward the moon
Itinerant armies wore opaque armors
The captain called the trumpets
Gold, blood, and treasures
The straw man burnt under the electric sun
I will crumble like frail stone of sand
I will scatter around like thin dust
In the days of marine winds
That shake bare towns


The Night of the Crime

Radiating mountain
Rolled up at ocean’s feet
You poured your fluid
On the tiger’s lips
Making her kiss venomous
We’ve been your guests in caverns
We’ve given a face to vegetation
We’ve stoned the statue of the impious god, with our dried eyes upon the mummified bishop’s arrival
We don’t want to cross the deserted shore
Lest we should meet the growling hyenas
We slip out of the bottle neck
Fleeing before the eager sickle
Giving ourselves up to the only sound we own


The Day of the Sun

Sounds of far-flung galaxies
Sounds of mystery
The sound of your breath kindly enchants me at night
Your magic is not fantasy anymore
Play for me my queen
If we wait for it in silence
It will come
Your hymn is gentle
My mild child
Fresh and radiant
Shadows and fears go to die
From beginning to end
My thoughts stand in each other’s light
Sing for me my little child
If we wait for it in silence
It will come
A labyrinth in your astounded eyes
When you’ll go through the last lights that undress the night
That will be your day of all days
Although the road is marked and the darkness veils you
If you wait for it in silence
It will come…


In the Magician’s Sphere

Take me magician
Get me on your wings
I am sailing the river of mystic fruits
Take heed, forbidden land
I will enter your orbit
Like fleeting drop
I hit the rock
Unlock unknown visions to me
The elves gather amidst the forsaken town
They have kindled three fires
One for he who all sees
One for the dreaming queen
One for the coming night
Free a seat into your sphere


What Do You Fancy for Your Birthday

The suspended rooms in Thale’s castle
entrances to calends comely and flattered
The ancient visions audacious and secluded
urged by courageous expressions
Untamed and one, she dips in the bowels
she lit up impetuses speckled and detached
Watch inside the house where the kingdom wanes
Come here queen… come forward with me
I’ll come upon a star dressed in my brightest colors and ask you
What do you fancy for your birthday?
And the reply will be just the same
Take me away far from here
Anybody stranger you may be
I wish I could meet a dream


Rock ‘n’ Roll Again

Do your hearts go bump, bump
Move a little longer
Move a little wider
Move while you’re still
Move right down inside
That rocks! Huh yeah that rocks!
No rough stuff, that’s just rock and roll!
You gotta learn the ropes
as quick as a flash
Do not blow me off you don’t need all that cash
Unless you wanna end up talking to the front end
Get wide awake but try to live wide-eyed
That’s the only way you can keep rocking all along
That rocks! Huh yeah that rocks!
No rough stuff, that’s just rock and roll!
Gonna get my chalice up until it needs
Gonna get my toast and that’s fit as it is
That chick is taste I’m gonna ask her out
All the Brahmins get shocked ‘coz we’re rolling
You can say what you mean and let it rip
That rocks!
No rough stuff, that’s just rock and roll!
Yeah, roll, roll, roll, that rocks!
Don’t wanna get hooked ‘coz I’m not a sitting duck
I could sit still for that but don’t get me in the frame
Goody is too stiff to drive home sound and safe
All my friends have gone tapped out and feel ashamed
I won’t ever get that far y’ know, I’m not up for grabs
I feel like getting naked tonight
Be that as it may
I won’t be running wild
For you call me wack, no way
So let’s feed, that rocks!
Or just let this show be out
Bomb, bomb, bomb, bombing the moon
That rocks!
No rough stuff, that’s just rock and roll!


The Losers

Hi there, what’s wrong with you?
Huh, I know the taste of burnt melancholy
it dries up the evening
Would this devour you?
Oh, they tell they know
why don’t they want us to look in?
We could make it despite our wounds
or else we’ll cling to the wind ricochet
lest they should assault and rob us
They will keep an eye on us
In the rear alleys, hid by the waste
they’ll realize we’re crossing the border
They know how it feels to be loser
although today they wonder
whether tomorrow they’ll succeed.


Jack Wild Son

Your wise cards
Picked by the oceans
Over the ice tower
You foreign child
Banished to the land of the paper rings
Pale lips
Nothing can keep you in
Pelagic limpid surfaces
Take inside, drive outside
They’ve got stories and dwellers
And games and thirst
And twist in the haze
Another number in the desert
Jack wild son
In the blood and in the dust
So the old man said: ‘would anyone suggest the words, boy?’
You, Jack wild son
Your words still hit these walls at night
‘It was nobody but me who said that! And those who fleeced us of all our freedom and prime they fleer at us as they’re sending us for slaughter!’
Beating the time of the games
Without thinking of the innocents
When the torturers are back
Celebrations to welcome them home
Still let the doubt have
The sweet taste of consciousness
As long as the wise men warn
Life will not be listening to anybody
But herself



The golden expanses of wheat
Roll under the first sun of Summer
This age gives more than we would ever mean
Still it remains kind even when
It drives us to the reddish horizons Of Autumn
With its warmer colors wrapped in fresher air, stained with rain
We’ll never meet armies of shadow
In the blankets of Winter
But echoing clear skies
Our child love will witness
The wonders of the Spring
Begetting like new miracles
We are children of the fire
Never failed


The troubled love of the fugitive pirate

I love you
You love me
And together we love
And it would be so easy for all to enter this world
If only they were more kind to their descendants
I throw up ghosts at night
Cursed bandit
He let tyrants invoke necessity
Thus the servants have had their religion
Southern star
My tea stirs inside the cup
Eastern star
She’s fled once more
Hold me back
Help me close my eyes
So that I will really love you
You will really love me
And together we will really love
As I wake up


Misplaced Games

The picture of me reflecting on a water pool,

And standing near you watch.

And you and I are bodies of nature within nature,

Images of a reality…

Are we prisoners to a law?

Are we free to choose who to be?

Interacting we exist, in entanglement we gleam.

The picture of you reflecting on the world,

When you came in for the first time,

What did you obey to, what did you trust into?

Does anyone know?

A prince who has already lost

Has quivered with the earth,

Preying upon any perception.


In Your Love

In your love I rested
In your love I found answers
In your look I watched myself
In your love I spent the evening
I sang your love by thousand words
Yet none of them could ever explain it
I traveled with your face in my eyes
I slept with a dream of you
I saw you bloom like a flower
defying time


Verse of Love

Can you remember the fresh clear blue giving itself to everyone?
Veiled behind a mysterious cloud, your old days rest now
inside your eyes with scarlet reactions
I will come to you in the sweetest hour
with a frail strong flower
Now that you are the farthest
The kites are higher
In the opaque sky of a rainy dusk


Smart Spy

Dark to dark
Chill to chill
Drop to drop
Her flight to heaven
Her luminous figure
The cosmic storm
And the talking midnight
Smart spy
fast, graceful moves
no fear and no awe on her precious look
She takes care of love, she swims through mined waters
She gets to warm shores
She lays on delicate sunsets
Perfumed drops of a fresh rain
To write the music of her steps
She breathes the mild air of her shiny lands
She upsets the swan, she is the queen of its lake
Mysteriously she wanders, gripping her pillow
I guess she’s thinking about her new route
I suppose she will be hanging around
I am sure she will call on me


Touch My Running Shade

Wake up now ‘cos you won’t sleep too long
To dream winged shadows adoring you
Wake up now and follow me
Let’s make all your crazy intents come true
Can you touch me as I’m running?
Can you play with me?
Come close once more, I will listen to you
Touch on my skin
Follow me now
You will try to find me,
Follow me now
Touch my running shade



Come my sweet lady traveler
We only got one chance to live
Let’s see at the shepherd’s hour
Let there the scent of your neck be
the outbreak of my escape
You know my ends
And I need all that you are
And you’re true
In this daydream loving outasight



They draw closer by night
They dance insistently
They watch in you
They gaze at dread
No escape from stillness
They’re not the ones they used to be
They shatter a mirror
They go beyond the bow of
the gloomy time and the round space
Madness still kills
Those who run off the silence



These hills are turning smaller
The horizon moves forward eating them up
And in my ancient sci-fi styled palace
The walls do not sound anymore
And the doors now do not dance
Baroque keys coming upstairs
Staging plays, remembering of the late
There are pictures that hide
the beauty of their times
And they claim for women
they need to be served
By soft porcelain fruits get covered
Laid on fields at long distance
Delightful people at the halls
Wasting in boredom
While trees are rooting down deeply
Like a cancer that ransacks


A day, a Night

Then came a day and you thought
You could get mirrored into my eyes
So you chose to chase me in a fresh evening
You heard the drop caressing the grass at dawn
And all I want is to make you still and stall
You bump but you don’t fall
You dwelt my town
Coming on so candid in an ancient dream.
Do you think we might get old
With our hands way too cold
To trust once more?
Days to come that never make you mind the colors of the hours
Yet wherever your choice may fall upon
I will be the day you break
And the night you plunge into


Siberian Nights

Mystical magic east
Blind white eyed
Watching afar as well
Unfolding over…
Water castles
Honey sweet women
Roving barbarian tribes of the steppe
Misplaced within the echo of eastern winds
On or after the insubstantial walls
Siberian nights


Nothing Around

Little by little the thrill springs up
Filling all the cracks in the wall
Chasm is where the nightmare crystallizes
The hole is its perpetual abode
Phosphorescent diamonds breed the whitest light
Figures removed from the murky milieu
The snake gets awe facing the dancing frog
The Flying Empires rise from the well
Getting on all over the place
Balancing the fly calls for her sisters
The abyss opens up stealing the sundown
Rest is when contraction ceases
That happens when you lie down numb
Pleasure is when you defy the floodplain and you’re a reflecting picture
Knowing to meet no frontier
The hammer casts itself in the open sky
Nothing around…


Let the sound come in

In the happiest day that meets
The water ogre drank the kids
Despite the room is glum
Let the sound easily come
Children gaze at up above
Let the sound be in thereof
Where they seem to run and grin
Tears hit down fast out and in
Let the sound your wet spasm get thru
Children looks are quiet too
Tomorrow the towns will wake up lazy
No will to see but better get crazy
They’ll let the sound come ‘n’ knock
Something’s moving below the rock
Let the sound crop up
Something’s trying to rise up and up and up…


The sea, the wind, the lights of the dusk

In my fists the wind I’ve caught
Your words so long I’ve sought
Asking your wings afar to be brought
The ocean I had got through
Of winning more my thinking grew
By owning the horizon line
You come and name my dreams at night
You make all wake up without a row
You’re the very mark over my hope’s bound
Creatures of precious times motile
When I would rest at daybreak still
Takes the rage a break
A song will soon wake
An announce gets outta the husk
The sea, the wind, the lights of the dusk


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