Verses of Lava


And now tell me
Is the sky behind you?
Is it going to be different?
What gives you wings and what makes you fly higher
Like when I used to feast my eyes on your beauty
The old man uttered of a hard lot
And now that we’ve cried our eyes out
Nothing’s left but a memory of a dream out of everybody’s keen
And promises for keeps, dead twice yet or maybe more
And everything is in keeping with our past old days
And everything can be bluer than our old days
And everything can be bluer


I wish your love may win
Divided under the rain
Dreams scattered in the wind
The night that came was too insane making us both little and faint
The New World will call for angels and wings
It will take no tricks and keep away the thieves
And the weakest won’t go to the wall anymore
Because everything has an end, you know…
Everything has an end
And as we thought we were thoroughly masters of our lives
We had been split into a lot of little stripes
If we do see only ourselves, we can’t go over our agony
And everything has an end, you know…
Everything has an end
And we were so full of questions
We yearned for the dawn, yet we liked to die in the night
And before us doors are shut and doors are wide
Streets are uneven and streets are upright
So many voices and so much din, a lot of lights but too much dim
And we have to move on and stand
‘Cos everything has an end, you know…
Everything has an end
I wish your love may win
Loneliness and gloom
I wish your love may win
denial and bitterness
I wish your love may win
So that you may not miss


The Silence
I may leave now, mayn’t I?
I find no place in the May of your life
You see, I’d rather stay here than go away
But it wouldn’t do justice to this pain
So, let’s be fair and trust again
We take the hint as comes the day
Oh, that I knew the truth
Not to be so far away from you
I’ve been waiting since a long time
to know the very meaning of the sign
And if now I can see what our eyes could only dream
It’s just because I let the silence get in
I let the silence get in
I let the silence get in…
Little Rose
Little Rose, you bloomed too soon
I know that you’re gonna dream your deepest dreams
That the wings of the sweetest night enfold you to take you to more vast valleys and blue skies
I know the waves of sorrow had been washing up your shore
But don’t be sad
For whilst the grief grasps your hips, so it gives you back your freedom
So that she may fly unto the sun
yeah, she’ll fly, she’ll fly….
And yet shall there be days to sow and days to reap
and seeds to die ere your joy might fold her wings forever
But then she’ll run, yeah, she’ll run
Shall your love be brighter than the light of deceit
No doubt, Spring will dress your fields
And shan’t your soul be afraid to watch all her old memories,
be sure, the dreams of your longing will be the food to your eyes
And when your love comes running from east
You’ll see your soul kissing the wings of your freedom
yeah, she’ll run, she’ll run
she’ll fly, she’ll get
she’ll get to her sky
Lucubration of a people reborn from an ancient thought
Dark figures at the end of a sunset crowded with white thin frail voices
Clear shapes
strangers with each other now speak as sisters of the eternal family do
Tired days of sloth start filling up
Another land, another country to live in
Don’t you lose your wings
It won’t be like falling down
For all the seas you can’t cross
And the rains you can’t find shelter from
The sun smiles on the horizon
To the brave and coward ones
Yet, mockery and shame are only for the men
Thrice dead Queen
I’ve been out in the desert, down there
where the hours spend by slow ‘n’ countless
Been walking thru the wilderness, without meeting anyone
When the sky joins the earth enfolding her in the night hug
I’ve been feeling my soul shake
Deeper and deeper on my own
I yearned and I hoped for you to be close
If you feel alone
I can stand by you
‘til the icy night gets thru
And you thrice dead queen,
no question on your lips,
Did you know the wind can win your pride
and spread your tears away?
Walkin’ the way that winnows truth from falsehood
The day is done and you’ve found something more…
Are you sure to know?
How come you hide out as your life’s running thru your hands like sand
You’ve been kissed by the sunshine
but now, put together your broken dreams
And get back to the starting line
Don’t let It hurt you more
Yes, I‘ve been dreaming too long
Night was not so good ‘n’ kind to me
Yes, I’ve been yearning too long I could get back home
We chanced to say that a prince is going to come thru the night
and everyone will receive their due
Don’t forget
You cast yourself away beyond the light
Rising up the sun behind you
In the night only cold and no love
You see your child dream asking to grow
Thru these long white paths
Inside our bones and into our own hearts
Nothing and all has been said and done
As time is over yet another new day’s come
Did you ever hear about the glory
On the other side of the story
Nobody can cry your own tears
Try so hard to be only what you ought to be
Fault and guilt can be with you ‘til the end
Out of bounds of your reason ‘til is dead
Reigns of sand sinking thru ancient moans
Getting down over any rule and any law
Ever after what it looked like a right fight
Took just loneliness, mischief and fright
Now, can you see all their liar faces
Ends here the way of our races
Very truth was all we wanted to
Easy joys come and die pretty soon
Ring the bell for the one who waits
For all those years tears were wasted
Only darkness can keep you apart
Remind how much your love can be proud
Get to trust is the blow of lives
Elder souls we got and tired eyes
Till the day we’ll be wondering one more time…
Oh tell me now
Does your soul fly away
On and on
Never let your freedom make you frail
To the earth and sky you can try only for truth
Let the past be bygone
Sometimes I behold the memories of bygone days
but I never look behind
I muse over choices I made
and it seems ages to me
You know that I never really gained an insight into your mind
and it’s a long lane that has no turning,
Your town innocent of soul
So innocent of heart
You carried the day
but now haul down your flag
I wouldn’t have you meet the defeat
Will you have another chance to die?
Truth will be your very only friend
someone has it
Overcome your fear
What you’re gonna find is more than you left behind.
Look ahead and go on
Let the past be bygone
Try to find thru the night
Come on baby, pitch a yarn tasting of yore
Dressed by your finest words, coloured like your eyes do
As strong as your soul can be
Making me dream and making me fly
Just to take me back and bring me to stay
Yester night I saw you shivering
You were taking to flight once more
Unaware of where your race would stop
Your heart brimful of empty
And your eyes weary to cry
What are you asking for anymore?
A picture of us yellowed with age
it’s all that remains
And all the past is just as a distant foreign land to us
Wherever you may be the sober truth
may knock on your door
Soft slumbers and kindness when you awoke
Never grope your way in the dark
But try to find thru the night
Try to find thru the night
You gotta try to find thru the night
Try to find thru the night…


Words are but wind
Words are but wind
my sweet, sweet child
Words are but wind
Don’t sink into the ocean of oblivion
Open your eyes to the light
Hold on and try to realize
The wish is father to the thought, you know
Wait out
Learn to read between the lines of age
Let no lie steal your life
Pass the tricks of this world by
Don’t get dirty when you feel sad ‘n’ deceived
‘Cos two wrongs don’t make a right
Words are but wind
My sweet honey baby
Words are but wind
And out of sight, out of mind
No one knows what happens
and no one suffers
And walk for a mile, walk for two
Listen to and watch around
You can reach to the top if you will
and fly higher ‘til the sky is over you still
Words are but wind
My little wee baby child
Words are but wind
Even when they are kind
Don’t let the time sweep you away
So if you’ve flushed with your very way to be
And if you find you are still willing
Love, and turn your life into a work of art


The child with the dog on the edge of the electric town

The child with the dog on the edge of the electric town
If I were a painter
could my picture be crazier than our life?
And for even I’m not a poet
can I make your deeds shine by words
and tell about your masterwork?
Well I don’t think so
Still I hope so
Though I would so
I don’t know, I don’t know
Where would my wandering start off
and where should I make my stop?
What’s left darkened behind
and what else exposed to light?
May I be as the sunbeams crossing the earth
Without ever violating the shade
Well I don’t think so
Still I hope so
Though I would so
I don’t know, I don’t know
The wary gait of the flow of life
Against our weird race
Trust in life
To be good is the essence of life
I want to see how many ways I’ll ride
Without hearing men that moan
I wish it would last that long
Here in my arms I got a child
I gonna rocking whole through the night
Freedom smells of air fresh and clean
Sure, no day to come can get mean
Run onto the sun with all your gird
Ooh my smiling wonderful girl
Rise up cheer and bold with no dread
But do not shadow each other yet
And when, when all looks to go waste
There is still a new flavour to taste
Never forget, the poor and the wretch
Are waiting to get out of the trench
Ooh baby, sweet baby of mine
Grow strong and trust in life

Hush & Rush
All the things I’ve seen return back to me
I thought as much! I’ve seen your knot, I’m not a fool!
All the lights and flares of the evening are gone
There are one thousand doors
where have you got crossed
Hush / Rush
Give me just one moment of your precious life
Down in L.A. a friend of mine would want to save all the whores
I never knew why
Tell me where our plans end,
Have they ever really got a start?
Too many questions, so girl, pick your way, never mind about me!
Back to L.A., a rude boy in a corner
Hey man, I wanna fight ya, whatcha gonna do about it?
I will never understand why they would like to frame my dreams
The crowd, we may investigate the crowd, maybe we’ll find any reason why
Down to the dawn, down to the dawn
We’ve got to move on, we’ve got to move on
All the dogs in the neighbourhood were howling last night
I felt a presence all around
Don’t be afraid, I’m not scared
I’m thinking about a friend of mine
I wonder why I’m talking to you like that
Babe, babe, you get yours, I’ll get mine
Many miles, many miles divide us

Silent road
Well, we’re both always alone waiting for being called
We came for you but make us no questions
Read the answers among the things you’ve been told
‘Cos this is the only way and where it takes you know
Stay a little bit again, You’ve lost the key
But you’re quite tired to seek
What it was like when you hated the stars
waiting for someone you didn’t know who they were
Yet, the night got over and never an answer,
and now don’t you close your eyes
Blood rains still
Three men gonna come and open a door
So much time in front of you and you’re afraid to waste it all
Let these leaves fall down they’re the price of the past
And the wind is like a song that calls
in this silent road

Eyes to fly, Wings to see
Night come and take my love
Light bring it into her hands
Her hair wet ground scented
Fly away
Where nobody can hear our words
A stir in the air
I’ve never been feeling my soul so strong
Call me with the name you know
I’d like to be such as the sea for the river for you
Catch your face in my hands
and paint the days with the colors you will
and give you eyes to fly and wings to see
Come and give me wings to fly away
Where nobody can see our love
I just want to hear a music playing for you
I just want to see your eyes dreaming
Day come and warm our spirit
Music sing her words
We’ll fly where love never gets an end…

Nomad Sound
Down there the black Chicago
there was a world and a brand new sound
So he tried to see inside
He had to fight for just one time
He bravely fought, though he didn’t despise
He saw his face mirrorin’ on the empty hands of the people
around a space of hate
It’s just a way beyond the moon…
He got shaken all day long
So the woman on the run
As the soul subsided still
She spotted once more the path to walk on
There was no plan for a play
So she’d frame it on that day
Insofar as strangers passing by
Would see her lay on the edge of the town
And she would’ve said
This is the water of hate
This is the land of hate
Walk on another way if you’re looking
for the land of love…
There’s a different way to the land of love

Ten years after
Is there anything new?
Is it a turn in the age?
A new start?
Maybe something isn’t clear
or everything is over
All memories are just fading away
Would you speak or
Would you rather be told?
What have you sold by a penny
and what have you bought
paying the price of your life?
We’ve been counting ‘til dawn
Numbers upon numbers
One or two, nothing will ever be clear
Keep this disguise on
Ten years have spent
and our face’s grown older


Evenings of a little winter

A stir in the air
Soft white cloth
Alights between the face and the glass
Twisted mystical light of the night
Caresses of silk
Objects that dissolve while rolling
Shedding deep beams of light
Deceived eye
Tearing against the gleam
A king invited colours and scraps to dance
Mighty waves, who did call for legions of herons
in the ashen dusk and then chase the trip?
Was the pale baby child to summon ghosts in this ancient abode?
A stir in the air…
The light shines at midnight
And there was a time when we learnt
How to overcome the fear
Upon the wet sand we lay
And it kissed the wings of our sleep
We talked to the ambassadress waves
And the gentle angel of air forged the key to us
And tonight, a further season away
Even tonight the light shines at midnight
The eyes of the night are after us
The light shines at midnight
Shouting unto your home
In this world of figures
Watching you in this place of shades
Under the rain…
Turn your glance to the altar on the mountain
It is a painless witness under the rain…
We are trying to uncover her face
Under the rain…
And tonight, a further season away
Even tonight the light shines at midnight
The eyes of the night are after us
The light shines at midnight
She’s living in the well
Friend, I gotta tell you that
She left your tent
A dark drama fell
on her messy head
She couldn’t ring the bell
So she’s living in the well
She’s living in the well…
The arrow fell short
and he don’t know the worth
The worth of a man
who’s falling to plan
the see-saw of his life
tryin’ to get out the knives
And when you’ll see trees that fall
He’d rob Peter to pay Paul
The cloud of trouble
Centuries are running fast here in west even if there’s the strength of the fans
A king can beat the cancer, over the stars he will be a light dancer.
The men walking along that path they still don’t know who’ll kill the death
They still don’t know, they still don’t know, and they won’t…
So you open the light before you at morning hoping your fortune is without a moaning
A life, a dim grief well, a blossom that got no smell.
And they want you to live such a life, so that you can’t hope, you cannot find.
See a song flying unto a cloud, it makes dawn rattle for it’s so loud
If it’ll get into another land, it can’t escape
If it can break and flee, it’s guest of an illusion, illusion that kills…
Centuries are running fast here in west even if there’s the strength of the fans.
Someone trusts in the great big chiefs, sleeping so gladly in a bed of leaves
Waiting for the news to be free
But who will tell ‘em of their defeat?
Wayfarers & Priests
Help the blues to get heavy tonight
Push the wave that won’t break
Get dipped down the blinding neon
burning the hours on the blazing sign
Then showing surprised go where you know.
Fighting over a fish, the fisher lost his way in the sea to get back home
No man’s heart forgave his defeat
Priests were celebrating in the temple of the cave in a few men’s land
Praying so hard a blindfold nameless god
As wayfarers were greeting along the streets…
But don’t lose your way in useless details
lest you should run to the last take in
There was
There was the sun and sun watched
We were cold but we used to smile
And everyone had got a door waiting for
There was the summer and the summer ran
We had no land but we did not cry
And everyone had got someone waiting for
And she was waiting for me and I had to drop by
To walk where life would’ve liked to take us
And now I recall a flare, then I see the evening
A beach and an open book written with tears
If anyone can’t read now, they’d better walk on before they turn and wait
Life has written different pages
Everyone knows more
But, can they enjoy themselves?
People of Fasad
No one can buy a winged wolf
Unless they sit upon a metal book
No one can get a castle without bells
Unless they get in a paper hall
Many sail in rudderless vessels
As others stand still and wait
Under the shadow of a leafless tree
Flames raging out iron doors
Locked up over centuries
Into a water sphere
Along words stolen to a dream
Known by everyone, yet by nobody experienced
Blood arms stretched out to velvet rooms
Peace screams spreading inside the bear building
Those who don’t know the tales of Jewr
Never see their boat moving on the seas of Lehr
And no one will sit for them upon the mount of hope
Then a wild creature will bow before the altar of collection
Asking salvation for the people of Fasad
Expecting anything in reward
Evenings of a little winter
I saw all my dreams at once
Soft colour in the transparency of a breath
unfolding into mirrors of ice
I witnessed the flight of your eyes
I catch a wave that whips my face
As the sea offers its arms to the moon
Sands kissed by the stars
Sweeten memory and honour
From the white stair in the sky
Came the messenger to bring
the song…


In the eye of the butterfly

Drunk birds land
I just want to tell you a thing
that I remember so well
First time I went to the light
I was as amazed
It was all a shining
And I was so high
I was so high / I was so high / Yes, I was so high
And I looked at myself
in a dark bright water
Water was cold and I was so high
And the birds came from everywhere to take a taste of it
And I was so high / I was so high, / Yes, I was so high
Oh, love tell me if you can
when I dreamt about you
Oh, love tell me if you can
where I met you
‘Cos I have to know why your hair changed its color.
Now, the birds are just drunk
And I’m gonna be left all alone

The buffalo race
Down, down, down what to touch for? Up, up, up where to drive for?
When the words cause strange emotions then something of their meaning has gone
out of our brain control!
The golden janitor accommodated extraterrestrial customers at the coral hotel.
Which way the wooden man must walk thru?
At last the writer didn’t know the end of his novel
In a real mess the name of the thief was hanging around.
The hearts can’t find houses of peace to rest, just like shapeless faces do.
Throw away all the wasted time.
When the water gets to the hips then the mouth screams and the thought shuts.
The speed-less woman counts the letters written thru the bars of the wind and flies away.
She can’t stand another rain and thinks her life is quite tough.
She knocks and says: “I can’t go around with you forever, because my way has got no numbers and seasons. But I love you, that’s much to say!”
A winged child is running to the other side of the sunset
Every end is to be continued and wilderness has just one face yet millions of disguises.
Running breathless along long miles, the red singer has let his life slide into glass grasslands.
The eastern boy lost his pearls while trading.
Tired friends died. Children dream no more!
There’s a river around and the man sick and worn can’t swim anymore.
Misfortune fell down the crown of a king and she fell sick heart and her yellow face is not pale.
In a moment of rest the soul of the countryman saw the miracle of his own rescue in the everlasting shine.
Where the buffalo race must be continued?
Lunatic’s bus
Hey, hey, driver stop, open the door, soon
A piece of my mind has blown away
Gotta catch it and give it shelter
It’s gonna run the towns
it’s gonna hide thru crowd
it’s crazy and it’s gonna crash down
Gotta get down, it’s crazy this race
Gotta get down it’s crazy this bus
crossing the world ‘round, spreading colors out
All of us are crazy!
Hey, hey, girl, come onto me pretty soon!
We’re gonna waste easily
Gettin’ up we’ll burn out, fastened on unrest
Gotta get down, it’s crazy this race
Gotta get down it’s crazy this bus
crossing the world ‘round, spreading colors out
All of us are crazy!
Hey, hey, who screams?
No haste to run
There’s a man riding, he’ll be here pretty soon
Got a gun in his hand and gonna shoot
Lonely trees beholders of the tide
Smudge gently rises up wide
Water that goes running back
Driving us in a dream of lack
We are sailing with good mind
Rocking on the ship so kind
In through this sea mile after mile
As children tales that sound fragile
More room over this marble clouds
We’re not afraid of stranger clouts
Feelings crying for the sky
It is not yet fairly wide this night
To keep in all of what I miss
Waiting for your loving kiss
If we are alone in the earthlight
Just break these chains and give us sight
Rising moon
Scatter my bones around
You can count them all
They made my days end up into the maze
Torture and infamy hold the man as a hostage
Have the wicked go hungry with cruelty, the needy slain
Get me to see how many crosses upon your flag
Will be burning for freedom, crying their disdain
Got the halls of palaces filled with gracious politeness
Got all 4 corners taken by vile deeds against mankind
Let’s still mark more lives with this fake defence
I pray because my oppressed brothers will see the rising of their moon
Little Song
No more rain in this side of the town
The warriors of law drop by
Get up and get rocking on the road
Beat the time of this little song
Come in because your life weakens
You are not allowed to play with stickers
Yet the sky looks like shaking on
And children left the lake lone
Maybe your love forever has gone
You feel you ain’t going to see it no more
Make your stand and think about
How much blood is flowing out
Before this little foolish song is gone?


The earth and a new sea
And the sea kissed the earth
It did enfold her and get down into her depths
And the earth cried to the sky
And the sun did disclose her dream
When your eyes will behold the shine of love
And your ears will listen to the old sweet songs
Then the rain will pour down
And you’ll be the earth
And I’ll be a new sea.
Along the river
Down there along the river
Where all the colors mix up
Recover your very own genesis
And the language that got you shaped
Everything you’ve never heard of
It displays for you to share the show
I wish you would run free
Under the vastness of the sky
I wish you would discover the spring of all your fears
But keep the balance on
Let your step be light
Watch inside your mind
Yet let your eyes see the way
And keep yourself in touch
When my sun will set
And my life will ask to go
Please, don’t you take me inside your houses painted of white
She seems to know where I’ve been
Will you smile on me?
The thunder, the rainbow, the sun and the rain
And rock and rock and rockaway…
I happened to hear a father saying, son your brain is drawing back
eating itself,
Don’t flog yourself to death
The poacher’s got bright wings of ice
I don’t wanna be caught in the last scenes of a crystal night
Don’t run too fast lest you should get to a dark station
You’d meet a cold, cold train hamstringing your elation
Along with beggars and tramps I’ve been kicking around
And now I’m gonna dig up a spell which blues every sound
Send me across, we’re doing right today
And rock, and rock, and rockaway…
Turn me on again so that this wave might be chillier and fresher
Still I wonder what the hell you are after
And what you keep so tight while sliding away
And rock, and rock, and rockaway…


The boys in the raft

The iron stair was a burning monster
Dead soldiers all over on the attic
Downstairs the hall was a torn victim
of the bomb
Lifeless officers under the debris
The winning armies went on up the iron stair
Maybe I just was an invisible watcher
Down at the ballroom
They put together a table and some chairs
Sitting along with Churchill and Stalin
She too was arguing out…
She was Yalta
I can’t be wrong
She was just Yalta
Roosevelt was not there, yeah, Roosevelt no there
Otherwise boys, rest assured
That I’d have had my strike
She told about all times she was unsheltered
And she was afraid to be assaulted
They came to an agreement
Then they laughed, laughed, laughed
To the sound of their laughter
A grimace on the faces of the reassembled bodies
on the attic
Shame upon their wives and sons
Trials were a sea of poison
where weakened men drowned
Then the winners after the show
And for human grace
Let their hungry eyes cry, though it was for a moment,
She fell down and they came to lift her up
All they wanted her to love them
Oh, it was not just like when
daddy and I got shelter in a gallery
then the train skimmed over us
and my uniform was dirty and torn
And although I wasn’t the enemy
I was alleged to be a criminal
Oh no, now I was just an invisible watcher
She was Yalta I can’t be wrong
She was Yalta I can’t be wrong
She was just Yalta
Roosevelt was not there, yeah, Roosevelt no there
Otherwise boys, rest assure
That I’d have had my strike…
Crazy Man
You dismantled all my pieces
I was watching Emily, yet she didn’t fly
They went south with something
They ran like a bat out of hell
Granny Jane gave us bread and candies
Until the beasts were faking off
We stung the pigs, risking the neck
I went out, the lightning was magical
I couldn’t believe it
Yet they were nailing men on the ground
The hand was called Indifference
And squashed them all
Many strange and wonderful things
Yet one is more strangely and wonderful
I was watching Emily, yet she didn’t fly
Rock and Roll
All those who move
Be moving fast
All those who shake
Be shaking higher
Move along don’t do a fade
Let’s move on, no fear this can jade
Well, it’s great! I mean, so great!
It’s not filthy, it’s no rough stuff
It’s just rock and roll,
Gonna rock, gonna roll, gonna like it
Rock and roll
You don’t need all those bucks
Unless you want to sway in the wind
Be wide awake
But be amazed
So that you may rock on again
It’s great! I mean, so great!
It’s not filthy, it’s no rough stuff
It’s just rock and roll,
Gonna rock, gonna roll, gonna like it rock and roll
I will raise up my cup
High as it takes to toast again
All the well-read are shocked
‘Cos we’re rolling on
Don’t fear to say what you feel
None of them can stop this thrill
It’s great, yeah it’s great!
No filthy games, it is just rock and roll
Yeah, roll, roll, roll on
I don’t wanna get caught
‘cos I am not a helpless guy
I am not a stock-in-trade
Gonna have fun tonight
Ain’t no gonna go nuts
I laughed, I laughed at me
All my friends laugh
No way, I won’t be tragic
Legs that shake, friends that laugh
It’s just rock and roll
Go get full again,
Or let this show make an end
It’s great, I mean great
Bomb, bomb, bomb the moon
Bomb, bomb, bomb the moon
No filthy games
It is just rock and roll
Feelings of doubt
I’m tryin’ to break this door down
I’m tryin’ to tear this wall down
I placed the dark out of bounds
We have to cross over the veil of these clouds
Both you and I know the danger
For we’ve been thru sorrow and anger
But if the same dream have me and you
yeah the dream’s gonna come true
And feelings of doubt
They sound all around
What should we look
And what have we found
We haven’t still got to the dark side
But some day we could wake up blind-eyed
Well I’ve been running too fast and speed
Before the madness of your own wish
We’ve been walkin’ thru too many ways
Too many times doing just the same
As you can see the sun shines today too
So, let’s meet and keep on trustin’ in the greatest good
And feelings of doubt
They sound all around
What should we look
And what have we found
We haven’t still got to the dark side
But some day we could wake up blind-eyed
I know that I’ll see you on a day
But I know it won’t be as in the old way
What have I won and what have I lost
And all I could do it was just the most
And in the end I find out that I got only you
And I miss you tonight more than I usually do
And feelings of doubt
They sound all around
What should we look
And what have we found
We haven’t still got to the dark side
But some day we could wake up blind-eyed
Clear shot
the crumbs of the great desire
tricky and eerie
the frame moves slow
the director yells and the kid goes to the movies
I was making a whole lotta bread
Was its last cue
Bricks are brown in the east end
We gotta walk close to the wall
Old Vinnie taught us to stand up
he wanted us to read the Classics
The abbot thunders that the servant
owes to the master
but we won’t crawl
not for the fist, not for the bundle
The orange colored sky of Pandora
scares me
Yet the tide at the bay frightens me more
I see them outgrow their own ambitions
Sinful taste
It’s only life that lives
Girls at the lake, so graceful and bright
Ladies on the cliff, admiring sails and billows
The spirit shakes the gray clock
It knows that universal freedom will shatter every bough
Temples made by hoarfrost
traveling among peoples of several wisdoms
What makes us forget goodness?
What kills love we were given?
The hiss in the dark filled the blank
As the wings took over the sky
To you, whom I never met
The sacred respect keeps me from asking
Your tragic trip made me grieve
I have no questions facing the war
In the vastness of space time
The blue ship swings and sways
When the waters strongly beat
And the mansion goes up in flames
I wish I could sing all I can’t see

London babe
I see you at morning run and fly
Sparkling in all your electricity
I loved you since I have learned your name
London babe
Upon the waters of the river I’ve been rocking
Thinking up a melody that I would dream by
I bathed myself in the sunshine that toys with you
Like a lavish and fleeting lover
Oh London babe
Furrowed face, black flowing out of your eyes
I shall be here over again
London babe
Still at night when you bar your doors
I can see you alone in a bed too big
Tossing asleep,
On either side of torment or bliss
And I keep singing my love to you, my belle
London babe
I’ve been roaming up and down the time
Letting you be my guide
Splendor and destruction
Visions of domains and flogged people
Madness of power
And when in the green of your gardens,
In the silent and invading billow
Through the pied throng you join and blend in harmony
You skim over me with your glance of glass and stone, yeah
Here I go again London babe
To get rocking with you
My London babe
After eight
Magritte’s skies
And his doubtful and empty men
Our was the backdoor
The face on the wall grew gaunt
Many drops had fallen..
The Kingdom is huge and retains its pillars
In the sidereal absence the dark’s daughter glowing hikes
The faint motion reflects the indefinite power
We watched the poor changing their features
And fading into spirals of sham wealth
The stars had died, the rock was broken
The town a lair of secret orgies
The beauty of numbers enclosed in the must
Sheeny, fair and harsh
The remorse is but a feather against
The excruciating pain of the helpless


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