All is still possible!


Or the epic of dismal creatures and pasty days. Part 1 The sequestration and the slack water The entrance. In this sequestered nook we sit Yet nothing’s sweet, it smacks of skit. Here’s the dream and souls are thrilled Extortion sneers, the time’s fulfilled. The tide is pale and seems at rest Hordes hoard up, […]

Back from the Sea

[…] The man came back from the sea and found nobody. It was as if everybody had melted into the absolutely None. He hence waited in the valley for long, until he realized the King had no face, no body, and no name. Still, He had soul, and thought, and force to make Him invincible. […]

Morbid Deceiver

Rave’s non-sermon — Oh morbid deceiver, speak of you this day Don’t ladies look so dazed, keep yer grief at bay So you noble gentlemen, of unnatural brave wives Lots of wrongs for you, to do throughout your lives Know you sacred crippler, and brigand so obscene I’ll laugh at your rule of which I’ve […]


The house was bright white, lying at the center of the esplanade, arcane and mysterious like a sphinx made of ice. Its smooth and softened shapes glistened in the moonlight, while its dome seemed to expand in a blurred glitter in the sun. It was many things all at once, two of which, defeat and […]


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